“This is the first time our son has been successful in an organized sports program.”

“This is the best activity we’ve ever done! My daughter has benefited so much.  The progress she’s made is a joy to see. I am so grateful that Russ brought this opportunity to Tampa.”

“We really needed something where my daughter could fit in and not be treated unkindly or cruelly. This was perfect for her, because all the parents and coaches embraced and encouraged every child. She learned in the short 7 weeks to take instruction, to listen, to interact, etc.”

“I was excited to get Joey in a program with others like himself to feel comfortable in a safe and supportive environment to give him the courage to attempt something new!”

“I love the non-competitive nature. The coaches were amazing with all the kids…they could turn a melt-down around in a flash! I would recommend to all parents to just enjoy the game and watch their child thrive. This is a great opportunity to give your child independence. Once your child is in the dug out, relax, enjoy the game and you’ll be surprised at what your child can accomplish!”

“My son considers the Game Ball he got as his “most prized possession!””

“The benefit that I liked was that my son got to play a sport he liked in an environment that was friendly to kids with special needs.”

A parent called me before the season started to introduce himself and asked me if I needed any additional donation money.  I told him that it wasn’t necessary, he was already paying for his two sons to play and that was enough.  He replied, “Russ, you don’t get it.  This is worth millions to us.” – Russ Oberbroeckling, Buddy Baseball Commissioer

“Everything was well organized. Games started on time. Coaches were encouraging and positive with all players. We met lots of nice people, too.”

“Working on a team and having the commitment that she had to be there and even when she was tired, she pushed through it because she loved her team! And being on a team from start to finish and being so accepted has been such a gift to her! Once in the dug out, I put it in the hands of the coaches which gave my daughter a chance to gain independence and self-esteem and she blossomed!”

“I have attended hundreds of baseball games in my 47 years.  I can honestly say I have never enjoyed one more than today’s game.  (Opening Day) Thank you for your hard work to make this wonderful program a success!”

“I think it is awesome the love that everyone has towards these kids. They are willing to give up their Saturday to help someone. The reward we feel, and the smile on the player’s face, says it all.”

“This was the most organized activity I think we’ve ever participated in!”

“We chose to play Buddy Baseball for our son to feel accepted and included in community, make friends, learn an organized team sport in an environment that was all about camaraderie.”

“Corey had a blast. He’s never played any organized baseball – and his first experience really boosted his confidence!”

“My daugher who is a Buddy told me that after Joey came into the dug out after a Home Run he said, “What a rush!”  He put his hands in the air and then said, “I FEEL SO ALIVE!””

“We wanted a league that was accommodating to older kids with beginner-type sports skills, this was it.”

“This league has been such a terrific experience for our entire family. Thank you (the coach) for volunteering your time and effort! We can’t wait for the next season! It is truly amazing to watch the development of the kids. We have noticed many of them have improved, on our team (Thunder) and the other teams as well.”

“My Child does not have the confidence or ability to play with kids his own age that are typical. This gave my child a chance to play where he felt like he could succeed.”

“My daughter’s buddy was awesome! They hit it off at the Meet and Greet and were just wonderful together all through the season!”

“Andrew #13 on Thunder Team, is my grandson. I want to give a very special thank you to his Buddy, Henry. I am overwhelmed with joy. You are all amazing people. Thank You. HUGS!!”

“It doesn’t matter if next season is 4 weeks or 8, my daughter will sign up! This has helped with her self-esteem, with her making friends who accept her just as she is, and as an added benefit, the friendships the parents have formed with each other is something for which I am so grateful!”

“This experience has been life changing for us!”

“The best benefit from my child attending this program was learning and loving baseball, and all that it provides and entails. Experiencing pride and joy from his achievements.”

“It is so heart-warming to see the coaches interact with the kids. You guys are doing a terrific job and creating a fantastic experience for these special children. The time you have given us is a gift…thank you.”

“Zachary has made new friends. He likes to play for a team.”

“He felt great about himself and interacted with new kids/adults. He also learned more about playing as a team and having good sportsmanship.”

“Joey learned how to play baseball. He met a bunch of new friends. He is excited about getting a trophy, his very first one! Great memories for when he is older.”

“He got to play a sport he liked in an environment that was friendly to kids with special needs.”

“What an awesome day!! I really had a great time and so glad that I got involved in this incredible program. I am not sure who had more fun, the parents or the kids!!”

“Our son’s favorite thing about Buddy Baseball was “having a buddy.” :)”

“He is sad that next week is his last game, because he will miss Megan a LOT!! She was a great Buddy and always seemed like she was just his friend out there.”

“All the Buddies did a terrific job in directing the players in what to do when the ball was hit.”

“Dylan was a great role model for Corey. He was very gentle and patient.”

“Our daughter learned teamwork and to not give up because it was hard.”

“The best benefit from my child attending this program was to see how proud we was to run up and get his trophy!  He ran up there and new he had done something special!!”

“This program gave the kids a chance to really play baseball.”

“He loved having a buddy to help him.”

“All the Buddies were great kids and seemed to adjust very well to the different disabilities.”

“We really have a great buddy for our son, he was so patient and attentive to our son’s needs. He also understood his limitations as well.”

“This was a great program for both the children and the parents.”

“One of the benefits of the program was it being a self esteem builder.”

“It was great to see the response of the program and to participate in helping these kids be on the softball field for the first time of there lives.”

“It was so fun to help and be a part of such a great event!”

“Joey was looking forward to Saturdays each week!!!”

“We are sorry to see the season end.  He will wake up every day for a long time and ask me the same thing……. Baseball today?”

“This was a wonderful experience for our whole family. Thank you so much!”

“My son and I throughly enjoyed this program, it was fun and it also gave my son a chance to interact with other children.”

“Raymond was running faster and laughing more than he usually does!”

“My brother loved playing with John David and he felt accepted in this group.”

“Social interaction was the main reason I signed up my son for the program.”

“My son looked forward to attending the games every week.”

“This was a wonderful introduction to the sport of baseball for our son.”

“We could not have asked for a better Buddy! He and his family are wonderful. We really appreciate their time and efforts.”

“This was a wonderful experience for our whole family. Thank you so much!”

“Regarding the rules, it was great that all the families were agreeable to whatever the individual needed/wanted.”

“I am so grateful for the organizers, sponsers, coaches and assistant coaches. They have been amazing and giving of their time and spirit.”

“This has been a great way to keep my son physically active and allow him to practice social and teamwork skills. It has been a great opportunity for him and our entire family.”

“This program provided more joy and pride for our entire family.”

“The coaches and assistant coaches made the game accessible, fun and successful for each child on an individual basis.”

“The benefits my child received were physical, social and emotional.”

“Buddy Baseball is a terrific program and we are so thankful to all the volunteers and buddies for putting it together.”

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