Registration deadline was Monday, 1/5/2015.   We still have a few spots left for buddies.

Season Dates:
Buddy and Coaches Training, Sunday – 2/8/2015 – 1:00pm
Meet and Greet, Saturday  - 2/14/2015
Season - 2/21/2015 – 4/11/2015
Buddy Baseball Bash  (end of season party) - Sunday 4/12/2015


PLAYER REGISTRATION – Our rosters are full, but if you would like to be on our wait list in case we have an opening, click on the link below.  We will contact you if we have an opening,

Players ages 8-22 with special needs that are students.



Buddies ages 10 – 18, $25

Once you are a buddy, you are a buddy for the same player every game.  We have a 7 game schedule.  We would like the buddies to commit to at least 4 of the 7 games.  If you can’t commit to 4 games out of 7, but still want to be a buddy.  You can sign up as a back up buddy.  We will place you on a team, but not assign a player to you.  You can fill in and assist as needed.



Coaches and Volunteers – no charge




Scholarships are available.

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